Wolf! and Yellowbirds on Rocks Off Concert Cruise

Experiencing Wolf! is like watching incredible musicians feasting off each other while playing what they want……the music keeps growing and evolving with a solid bluesy base mixed with all sorts of jazzy country n soul.  These guys are f’in excellent!!!

There was a break in the seemingly never ending rain that we have been getting in nYc which made an awesome day even better.

The Yellowbirds took control of the boat for the return up the East River with their sweeping crescendo of feel good indie rock pop.  The energy of their set builds and builds and Sam Cohen doesn’t stop rocking for a moment, not even when his auto harp loses its balance and falls into the crook of the stand.  Joe Russo sat in for their drummer as he had to sit out due to an injury.  Check out their tunes here!  The music just makes me smile and feel good.

First concert cruise of the summer was a great time.  Excellent music and fab peeps.  If you find yourself in NYC and are looking for something awesome to do, I highly recommend checking out the Rocks Off Concert Cruises.  No way you can have anything other than a good time aboard the floating party!


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