Phoebe Legere at The Iridium

The Iridium, NYC

A chance encounter over slime (my day job as a hand model can have me holding 30 million dollar diamonds or slime..this was a slime day) led me to getting an amazing new hair cut by the wonderful Joshua Barrett who, upon learning that I love to shoot live music in my free time, cyber introduced me to his friend and client, Phoebe Legere who invited me out to a show.

First, The Iridium is awesome.  Love the layout, love the sound, love the lights, love the staff, LOVE the food – oh the truffle french fries – um yes please!!  So my friend who was in from cali and I were in a wonderful out on the town in nYc mood from the very start.

and then Phoebe came on and from the moment she put one gorgeous foot on the stage we were hooked.  She literally lit up the room and her voice – I have never heard someone with that range live before and the control – wow.  Commanding at the piano and the accordion, she switches between both while gliding between soulful love songs and bawdy almost vaudevillian tunes.  and legs to die for.  I had a wonderful time and am sad I just discovered her on the last night of her Iridium run.

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