Marc Rizzo visits THOR (Tomato’s House of Rock)


Got a last minute text talking of awesomeness happening down at THOR on friday afternoon, luckily the awesome was happening a few hours later so plenty of time to finish my Roberta’s pizza yum and get in town to the Music Building on 8th Ave where a major THOR jam was already underway.  Walked into the studio to see members of Shitkill shredding away with metal guitarist, Marc Rizzo (Soulfly & Cavalera Conspiracy) and bassist, Derrick Klybash.

For about 2 hours the THOR musicians rocked out with Marc & Derrick in between chats about life on the road, music schools, guitars, coffee and how practicing isn’t work if you love something and following your dreams (along w/lots of practicing) can take you in directions you never would have imagined.

Some of the bands that have grown out of the THOR program got to perform their original material for the guys turning the studio into a mosh pit of sweaty smiles. I don’t think anyone wanted to stop jamming.

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To see all the photos CLICK HERE


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