THOR Showcase | 6/20/11 | Highline Ballroom

Ok.  So this past Monday night I went to what will probably be the best show of the year.  I dare/bed/implore all the musicians that I might see in the next year to try and step it up to the level of what went down at The Highline Ballroom on 6/20/11.   I dare ya!

I haven’t been that exhausted after a show EVER – cept for perhaps after surviving the Vatican Commando’s mosh pit last year.  The THOR musicians never gave me a moment to catch my breath, even changing memories cards was a lesson in patience because what was going on onstage at every moment was incredible.  It was hard to know where to look or where to be because everywhere was awesome – for 4 hours straight – the rawk was ON.  Seriously, NO DOWN TIME.  Everyone seamlessly switched off on instruments, diligent in keeping the flow and dependable in being where they needed to be – when they needed to be there and helping the next person slip into place as soon as it was their turn.  Everyone was supporting everyone and helping make the rock happen.  It was awesome.  and they way they can all play…damn….  These are the faces of the future of music and congrats to Tomato & everyone at THOR for creating an environment that fosters their musical abilities & showmanship, while at the same time encourages the type of good character that it takes to make a show like monday night happen.  Kudos.

These are unretouched quick pics, I am going to have a hell of a time sorting through these photos so I picked some of my faves and some at random just for a really quick sneak peek.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

& a huge thank you to everyone at THOR.  Thank you for welcoming me and letting me be a part of preserving these fracktastic moments.  The bar has been set high, I can’t wait to see and hear what happens next.


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