Shitkill at Stratosphere Sound

a dodgy bass amp and some cable issues were no match for the desire to lay Shitkills 2nd album down. Damien, Max, Josh & Danny came to deliver and they did. Song after song with Tomato proudly looking and listening on, guiding them, giving subtle nuance changes, where to really punch something or where to just let a note linger. and the guys did deliver, above and beyond what they expected. My favorite moment of the day was hearing that ahhaaa moment of awe “i didn’t know I could play like that, I didn’t fucking know I could play that fast!” and you will all be blown away, which is why you should go ahead and make plans to be at the Highline Ballroom on Nov 7th for their album release show with Anvil (yes – Metal on Metal Anvil)
Shitkill is some killin’ shit!

To see all the pics CLICK HERE


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