357 Lover at Big Sky Works

This past Saturday night the place to be was Big Sky Works in Williamsburg.  357 Lover took the stage with B.A. Miale’s video stylings behind them and aerial stars flying above them.  Magical and beautiful.  The girls flew through the air while Corn Mo and the 357 Lover gang serenaded them with songs written just for them.  The Great Dubini and Chris Rozzi provided great comic interludes between the sets.  I was especially excited to see Jean Loscalzo fly through the air to “Hang on Jean” which was written for her and her amazing endurance for the curve balls life can throw.  She hung on and soared and all eyes were captivated on her twists and flips.  Big Sky Works is an incredible space full of incredible people who make incredible things happen.  I highly recommend checking out any shows that happen there and if you are brave check out their trapeze classes..wanna learn to fly?  Big Sky Works is your opportunity..or you can be like me and come for the shows and gasp and delight in the wonderful way these women soar.

and weird…  all the photos i wanted to put in the blog aren’t showing up?  don’t know why.

Pshaw to silly blog not posting the rest of the ladies..  here is a LINK TO THE REST OF THE PICS  🙂 


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