DJ Williams Projekt | 6/3/12 | The Camel

Funky, Groovy, Electric & damn silky n smooth in some place, DJ Williams Projekt always brings the heat.  They get people out of their seats and moving.  The drums are tight, the bass is tight, the keys are tight, the horns are tight and DJ is always tight with his groove.  It all adds up to one hell of a night of tight ass music.  It is a melt your face off type of groove and I hope to catch another show soon.

To find DJWP on Facebook CLICK HERE

7286-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7297-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7311-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7313-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7352-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7358-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7363-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7377-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7381-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7383-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7397-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7400-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7405-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7408-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7417-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia 7426_copy-DJWP-2012_06-SocialMedia

To see all the pics from the show CLICK HERE


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