SPARC Live Art – MAGIC 6/3/12

Simply put – the SPARC Live Art weekend was magical.  The love and beauty that filled The Carpenter Center in Richmond, VA all weekend was just amazing.   SPARC is an incredible program that gives kids the opportunity to reach for the stars.  I was involved with for a few years when I was kid and their commitment to giving kids a great environment to express themselves and be creative was an inspiration to me when I was growing up.  I switched from the SPARC program to a more intensive Theatre one as I’ve never been one you would want to watch sing or dance.  ha.  But the great peeps at SPARC (yah Jeri) always supported me and my tone deafness and always made me feel like a star….though I’m sure they were a little relieved when I discovered my true calling was through acting and not singing.  ha 🙂

The SPARC Live Art program is a groundbreaking adventure that combines children of all abilities with amazing musicians/artists/dancers and gives them the outlet for full expression creating, well, basically Live Art!  The sounds of The Upper East Side Big Band were a backdrop for the guest artists (Susan Greenbaum, Jesse Harper, Josh Smalls, Robbin Thompson,  Steve Bassett & Marc Langelier) who lead the performers through their incredible artistic endeavors.  The feet painting number …wow.   just wow.

Saturday was a full day of rehearsals & laughter and I had goosebumps the whole time.

Sunday morning started early with a secret rehearsal with Jason Mraz who flew in that morning to combine his talents with the other performers.  

The kids were brought in during the afternoon and squeals and delight filled the room when everyone realized that Jason would be performing with them.

The incredible Erin Thomas-Foley, one gal who makes awesome happen. 

and then the show!  Everyone who was lucky enough to be in the audience knows the amount of love that radiated from the stage….. That love was evident all around the theatre.

The many volunteers that were backstage cleaning feet and organizing trays and hugging and dancing were as beautiful to watch as what was happening on stage.

I will never forget this amazing weekend.  Art and music are incredible and amazing moments come when everyone gets to live them.  Here is to everyone who participated in SPARC Live Art – LOVE & HUGS!!!  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the magic.

To see all the photos CLICK HERE


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