Flash Photography, a whole new world…

Flash.  Allright.  Okay.  I kinda dig it.  I’m whole heartedly still in love with natural light photography, I maybe a little sidetracked by that thing that occasionally sat on top of my camera and made a bright light whenever it was too dark at an event.  My interest in my flash photgraphy has been sparked after a two day class with Lester Lefkowitz.  Looking forward to a new type of photo exploration…

I lucked out with chance to put everything to the test for a shoot the very night class ended for an incredible designer, Dominique Kurzawa’s new dress.  Check out her stuff at atelier collective design!

We had a lot of fun!!!  Anne rocked the hell out of the dress and being gorgeous.

(and I have found out that I say ‘oh yes’ far too often when shooting thanks to a video Dominique made)


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