THOR Class of 2012 Show

The THOR class of 2012 show at the Bowery Ballroom on 6/17/12 was epic in the way that ALL the THOR shows are.  Seriously.  Damn.  These kids can rock and they put their heart and soul into every moment.  There is no slacking, no half assed performances.  They are there to rock your face off and they do it.   Praise and glories to Chris ‘Tomato’ Harfenist for making the magic happen.  How he juggles the kids/parents/venues/instruments/everything is beyond me and that he can do it with a smile on his face is just beautiful.

For the Class of 2012 show the lineup read like this
Epic Thor – 1 – 1:35pm
Black Leopard – 1:35-1:50
Alt/Indie THOR – 1:50-2:25
Chocking on Bleach – 2:25-2:40
JAM THOR – 2:40-3:15
THOR House Band – 3:15 – 4
Class of 2012 Ceremony – 4-4:20
Metal THOR – 4:20 – 5pm

Musical guests Richard Christy and Alex Skolnick sat in during the Metal THOR slot and they both had to rock their hardest to keep up.

Super Congrats to the Graduates of 2012

               – Jack Moulton                                      – Karina Rykman

– Josh Musto

– Max Feldman

                  – Daniel Risdon                         – Evan Lowy

           – Damien Moffitt

To see more photos from the show CLICK HERE


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