a St Thomas and Kitties | Covington Portraits

Wow!  I love an unexpected adventure.  And I got the best kind last week.  10 days with one of my favorite people on the planet relaxing and playing in gorgeous blue waters while helping the feral kitties of St. Thomas!

I’ve gone on adventures with Karen to Brazil and the Dominican Republic, so now we needed to conquer another beach and throw in a lot of kitty love.    Our first charges were the indoor, spoiled babies.
Leonidas, Bandit & Ray Lewis.

Leo loves to get Face Palmed.  Which means he likes for you to use your whole hand and rub over his nose and head with a fair amount of force.  Super cute…. but he is bipolar and attacks for no reason at random.  haha.  Gotta be quick with the facepalms.
Bandit is the silly little brother.  He loves balls, especially at night if they make a lot of noise.
Ray Lewis – oh Ray..  Ray is the cuddle kitty.  He loves lazy mornings in bed and loves to flop in crooks of arms or on top of bellies.  What a lover.

And then the ferals.  oh wow.  Sapphire Beach is host to about 14 ferals right now.  Sadly about 24 of the cats were poisoned last year by evil bad cat hating people.   It is truly heartbreaking because most of the ones that were poisoned had already been fixed and tagged and were merely living out their lives as happy spoiled feral kitties who are taking care of by the awesome cat loving people of the Sapphire Beach community.  How anyone can poison an animal or hurt them in anyway is just beyond me.  I know karma will take care of them in the end but boy would I love to bitch smack each and every person who was involved in that.

BUT anyways…. I can’t do anything to control evil people, so I will just focus on what good I can do.  And we did good.  Kelly, Karen & I went out each day and got the kitties used to people while making sure all their bellies were full.  St. Thomas has a really incredible HUMANE society and the Lucky Paws Foundation program to help the animals of the island.  Lucky Paws Foundation sponsers  The Cat Cafes.    So amazing.  We went and saw a few of the other ones on the island as well.  Very cool!!!    The story of Radu the cat (the inspiration for the cat cafes) is wonderful.

Here are some of the darlings from Sapphire Beach.

This is Little Stick AKA The Tim Burton Kitty

Chatterly, the precious orange baby is now happy at home in Maryland with JoMama & PapaDon!

And oh what a place to go help care for kitties.  St. Thomas is awesome.  Blue water like you can’t believe..  amazing white sand beaches.  Snorkeling with sea turtles, nurse sharkes & rays..  Just the best place to escape from life for a little while and just enjoy life.  I had a blast.  Looking forward to a return trip.

I love the blue waters.

Karen rocking it at sunrise.

Imagine this as your front yard.   wow.  Best front yard EVER!!!  Thanks Michelle & Garcia for allowing us to stay and have fun with all your kittyfriends.

some work on the island is innovative…  some isn’t.  hahahah

pizza parties & ice cream socials – love Sapphire Beach!!

new friends – and my white white white arms.  hahah  🙂

Bandit the best cat in the world.

bye bye St. Thomas!!!  So glad I got to meet you!!

To see all the photos from the adventure CLICK HERE


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