Big Daddy Love | 6/29/12 | ‘On The Rise’ Festival

On a very, VERY, very hot day at the end of June, I hopped in my car and headed west, out to the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, to see my best friend play with the band he joined a few months earlier.  Joining the band took him down to North Carolina to start his new life as a touring musician.   This is something he has wanted and been working towards since I met him over 12 years ago.  He hardly played the drums then and worked a corporate job and then one day he said NO – THIS is not who I am and  This is what I want to do.  And he started practicing and practicing and playing whenever he could and joining bands and getting better, all the while practicing and practicing and did i say PLEASE PUT THE PRACTICE PAD DOWN ALREADY??!!!   haha.

Practice and Perseverance and more Practice have led him down the road to joining Big Daddy Love as their new drummer.   They opened for Willie Nelson a few weeks prior!!!!  I had watched videos, listened to the music he sent and seen Dancing Lemur’s awesome pics of the band and I COULDN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE!!!

So I drove all day..  into the middle of nowhere.  Eventually, I had to admit I was lost.  There was a great pull off area on this country road and I stopped and called Scott.  Turns out they were moments behind me and soon came waving past.  I jumped in behind them and we found our way to the campgrounds.  Golf carts lead us backstage and I got to meet the great guys of Big Daddy Love that had welcomed Scotty into their fold.

The location of the ‘On The Rise’ Festival was awesome….. I wish the crowds had been a little thicker, cuz that is one festival that I would enjoy camping at all weekend.  It was right on a river and there even a dock.  Can’t beat that!  They had some great vendors selling the normal odds and ends and handmade items.  Hopefully next year more people will hear about it!  Such a great site.

And then I got to see Big Daddy Love!!  YES!   The bluegrass cover of Sweet Child of Mine is going to be a favorite of mine for a long time.  They brought amazing energy and talent to a bluegrass/rock mix and I found myself dancing around with the camera.  Had to remind myself a few times that I can’t take an ‘in focus’ photo while dancing.   It is so awesome to see someone kicking ass at what they have focused their life toward.  It seemed like they had been playing together forever and that they were just having the best time.  I can’t wait to see them play in NYC in Sept inside in the a/c (haha)  cuz boyooooo that was a hot day!  and boyoooooo they fucking got me hooked on the Big Daddy Love Sound.

THANKS for having me along.

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE


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