Big Daddy Love’s NYC debut at Sullivan Hall 9/13/12

One of my favorite things about constantly running all over the place is crossing paths with all the awesome people I adore.  I don’t get to see my friends often but I always know when our paths cross – the world rocks, so needless to say, I was really excited when my best friend gave me the news that Big Daddy Love (go LIKE them here) was going to be leaving their mark on Manhattan.  He joined the band and moved to North Carolina last spring and has been cruising all around the country ever since, playing festivals in Colorodo and opening for Willie Nelson, ya know, just regular stuff like that  🙂
I finally got my chance to see them play mid summer at some hella hella, oh jhc, hella hot  ‘On The Rise’ Festival somewhere in the middle of nowhere PA.  Gorgeous site for a festival though – hope it becomes a thing.   Now the boys were gonna bring their Bluegrass Infused Appalachian Rock to Manhattan.  *clap* *clap*
The Rock Gods were smiling as they found a place to park their huge van and trailer right across from Sullivan Hall.  No small feat for the streets of nYc.   and since they were playing at Sullivan Hall, I had to take Scottie to The Peanut Butter Factory.  YUM. This is his “OHMYGAWD Peanut Butter Heaven!” face.   

and then it was time for the show.  The guys filled the room with their energy, talent and love for the music they are creating.  My bottom half was dancing around while the top half of me tried to stay still long enough to make a photo.   I just want to boogie across the room at their energetic shows.  They have the feel of a different era, a good home grown rocking sound from back when music was good and real and fucking solid.

Come back soon y’all!
To see all the photos from the show CLICK HERE


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