Skydog 9/22/12 SucciFest

I could hear the sounds of old school Allman Bros filling the air as I parked my car at SucciFest.  I grabbed my gear and ran towards the stage excited to see and surprise my bro’s rocking out onstage  🙂  I don’t get to see my non blood brothers that often and I was so excited when I found out that they would be playing right before The Big Payback who I had on my schedule to create images of that night.

Skydog is just awesome.  Early Allman Brothers rocked out.  The Allman Brothers were a frequent sound during the hangs at the Gray-V HQ (home of my Simmons Brothers) and this band has been a long time coming..  it was only a matter of time before these musicians banded together and formed Skydog to pay homage to their favorite bros.  And seeing the huge grins on my favorite bros faces while they made magic with some of their favorite bros songs was a long time coming for me…I’ve been wanting to catch a Skydog show for ages and I’m so glad I made it to the fest in time to catch their set.  Luv y’all Jeremy & Dusty & the rest of the Skydog gang.

For all the pics CLICK HERE


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