The Big Payback | 9/22/12 | SucciFest

The Big Payback : A Tribute to James Brown.

What can I say about TBP?  Other than they are quite possibly my #1 live act out of Richmond, VA.   They fill the stage with a lot of my most favorite people in the world and then they pay homage to one of the most brilliant musicians of all time.  Plus they are incredible musicians, I mean, you have to be, to make a band in Tribute to James Brown, and they are.  Kelli Strawbridge struts and leaps and splits his way into morphing into a young, hot, sexy James Brown and his voice.  DAMN.  I mean, he has that illusive IT, the sound and the swagger that keep the crowd utterly entranced.  The sound is loud with two drummers (Joel DeNunzio & Dusty Ray Simmons), two guitar players (Frank Jackson and Andrew Rapisarda), bassist Todd Herrington, and a moving and grooving horn section that seems to be constantly growing.  For Succifest they had Scott Frock on Trumpet, Marcus Tenney on Sax and Suzi Fischer on Alto Sax.

This is not one of those cliched cover bands.  This is the real deal.  They go on in TRIBUTE and tribute they pay with every moment of the passionately energized show.  If you love James Brown, you will freak out over The Big Payback.  Be warned you may start making out with yourself.

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To see all the images from the show CLICK HERE

To find TBP on Facebook CLICK HERE


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