Von Shakes | 10/8/12 | Arlene’s Grocery

This past Saturday night I headed into Manhattan to join the fun of surprising one of those dear forever friends for his birthday….  In addition, I got a huge surprise by our mutual friend who flew in from LA and surprised us all.  Al wins best reaction as ‘surpriseee’ ever…  He thought he had messed up someone else surprise party and turned to flee before he realized he recognized us all.

Perfect Start to the Night!!!

After a few hours, I headed over to Arlene’s Grocery for the Von Shakes show for a Perfect End to the Night!!  I had to push my way to the front through the ever thickening crowd when I got there.  Eventually they had to call capacity and I heard that a lot of people couldn’t get it for the best Von Shakes show to date.  I probably said that about their last show too, but damn, I just love their sound/vibe/entire package.  Its great – furious guitars, dancing screaming crowd, badass footwear (seriously look at their feet, their shoes are all awesome.)  They are dynamic energy and grab everyone in the crowd with the first note and don’t let go till long after they dive into the crowd.  You want to dance and you want to scream along.  This is the music I want to hear on the radio on my drives up and down the East Coast.  This is the show I want to go to and get sweaty from all the dancing I’m doing between creating some photos.  This is the band that should be on your radar.

They are playing the CMJ Festival on October 17th in nYc.  Do it.

and, oh snap, I just remembered.  I didn’t get my shotglass & cd!

For all the pics CLICK HERE


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