Royal Teeth rock Irving Plaza


What can I say about Royal Teeth?   They blew me away last spring and they are blowing up the charts right now.  The just made it into the Top 10 on Alt Nation’s Alt18 countdown THIS WEEK!  Amazing what they have done in LESS THAN A YEAR.  I am oodles upon oodles of all sorts of warm fuzzies proud of them.  I remember sitting with Crash outside of the Lincoln Theatre in North Carolina waiting for someone to come unlock the venue when a van pulled up and out tumbled the RT gang.  They were super nice and super excited to be opening for the 2 Skinnee J’s.  This was their first up and down the east coast tour and they came ready to rock.

Right before their sound check one member of the band asked me how the J’s fans would like them, I said that I didn’t know, as I had no idea what they sounded like, but that I’d let them know after soundcheck.  I walked back to help Crash get all the J’s t-shirts in order and had just turned the corner when they hit the first note of the first song for sound check.  I stopped dead in my tracks and had to go back to the front of house.  WOW!  OMG.  I was blown away.  Crash and I were rocking out to their sound check…  I couldn’t wait to see what they did for their whole set.  I think I was jumping up and down and possibly squealing when I went to report to them ‘THE J’s FANS ARE GOING TO LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!’  (side note – their EP, Act Naturally, only has 5 songs on it and is less than 1/2 hour long…and I am still playing it obsessively 7 months later..  point being – find it and buy it, you will NOT be dissapointed)  The harmonies combined with the super tight rhythms and layered strings/keys just crescendos to amazing heights.  Plus almost everyone in the band gets a drum to bang on.  I love that!  The music gives me chill bumps and makes me want to dance my butt off.  Super catchy lyrics stay with me even when I am not near my itunes to continue to obsessively listen to their cd.  They bring an unbridled enthusiasm to the stage and it is infectious.  Every night tons of J’s fans came ready to wait impatiently for the J’s to go on and every night Royal Teeth managed to ensnare every member of the crowd with their super fun and passionate musical experience.  They got every person in the crowd pumped and roaring to go for when the J’s triumphantly took the stage of that magnificent tour.  What an experience.
xoxo.  Here are some shots of them rocking out Irving Plaza in NYC on the last night of the spring tour.

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also a side note but an important one.  They are just the nicest bunch of peeps EVER.  Keep kicking ass.  Gary, Nora, Josh H., Josh W., Stevie & Andrew – I wish you all the highest happinesses and success.  _MG_0076-SocialMedia

If you want to see more images from the 6 nights of their tour last spring, head over to    and scroll down for the Royal Teeth albums.  6 awesome shows!


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