Von Shakes bring the holiday cheer.

20121216-VonShakes-BitterEnd-7-436-SocialMediaI’ll say it again.  That was the best Von Shakes show ever.
When the band sings “Will you be by my side?”  the crowd at The Bitter End this past Saturday night vehemently screamed and danced a strong “YES” as the answer.  A lot of people are right by the side of the Von Shakes.  The surge of Santas, sexy ladies, and half dressed men that swept onto the stage to roar in the end of the night proves that no one at a Von Shakes show is wasting any time.   They are seeing IT happen. The IT that comes from the combination of talent, great songs, amazing energy and awesome people.

Paddy Brazel (lead vocals, guitar), Cillian McSweeney (bass), Hugh O’Reilly (guitar) & Ryan Normandin (drums) deliver rock with a punky edge that has an infectious energy; you can’t help but get caught up in their impassioned anthems.  Imagine The Strokes but punkier, with a sharper edge, fierce and in your face. They are an adrenaline rush!  The Bitter End marked the 110th show of their Almost Nobody US Tour and one of their last stateside shows of the year. Not to worry, they will be back at the end of January after a few shows in their hometown of Howth, Dublin.
They have a fervent desire to make really good music and give a stellar show.  The intense energy was heightened Saturday night due to an hour long wait to take the stage because of the late start of earlier bands.  The tensions were high in the cramped backstage area as they wondered how long the people who had come to see them play at 11pm would wait.  After one of the fastest set changes of the night,  Von Shakes took command of the stage a little after midnight and unleashed the tension with the first note.  They never let go and took everyone on a great rocking ride that roared to a climatic finish when Brazel jumped out on one of the tables as the crowd raged onto the stage.
Get to a show soon so that you can say “I saw them when…”
The people Saturday night get to say “I saw them when they had to enlist the help of drunken santas to cart their gear through Manhattan to the Von Van.”Von Shakes

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