When Particles Collide | 12/15/2012 | Fort Useless

My When Particles Collide weekend was non stop energy from the moment they tumbled out of their van and we rushed right to the roof.  I ignored their pleas of using the bathroom or even for a stop in the apt to freshen up and change and had them meet me in the elevator en route to the roof, the perfect light is but a quick window and we had to catch it.  They were amazing sports, changing clothes in the cold as I set everything up and it all came together just as the sky hit its most brilliant moments.  20121214-WPC-sunset-198-10-A-SocialMedia

They came back over the next day and we roamed around the neighborhood creating images.  Sasha Alcott (guitar, vocals) and Chris Viner (drums) are truly lovely people with endless energy. I met the explosive guitar/drum duo a few years ago at a show at Big Sky Works where they were opening to one of my favorite west coast bands, The Peculiar Pretzelman.  I was hooked with their first very dirty guitar chord.  They’ve got the pop punk, fast paced, rock out scene down and it is addictive.

After the photo creation afternoon they had a gig at Fort Useless.  Pretty cool space in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  From the beginning, Sashas guitar is turned all the way up and Chris hits the drums hard and fast.  They are rocking with short catchy songs that come at you hard and fast and YOU LIKE IT!  Sasha delivers each song with the fiercest of attitudes along with a quirkiness that leaves the crowd feeling like they were just hanging out with their most rocking best friend.  It is impossible to not get sucked into the sound.  They are working on a new album and some of my faves from the night will be on it!!

20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-8-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-10-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-13-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-32-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-57-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-89-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-149-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-170-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-196-SocialMedia 20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-202-SocialMedia  20121215-WPC-FortUseless-6-225-SocialMedia


To see all the pics from the show CLICK HERE


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