Ice Cream? Ice Cream??


You never can tell just how epic an evening will turn out to be until it is over and you are left feeling like you just woke up from a badass dream.  That was the eve that Katrina, Patrick and I had when we went out to see the Von Shakes gig at The Bitter End at the end of December.  Check out that show here..  cuz it was awesome.

The eve was pretty epic in itself with Santa Claus’ in various states of undress storming the stage for the last song of the show, the guys played great and the party continued at a bar around the corner.  Eventually it was time to play the ‘catch a taxi game.’  That night was not our night.  No one would stop for us and those that slowed down, quickly pulled away after hearing Kat say our destination.  One of the rules of the NYC streets – never say your destination before your butt and all your belongings are firmly inside the cab.  We were out there for quite some time and it was getting colder and we were getting more and more dejected.  I think we must have all looked quite forlorn when a Mr. Softee truck slowed and a friendly face popped out ‘Where y’all going?’

I’m not quite sure how it all went down but suddenly all three of us were inside the Mr. Softee truck heading through the West Village.  It was either the start of a really bad movie or the best ride to Brooklyn EVER.
IceCream John taught us how to make cones and add the sprinkles, it’s all in the wrists, all in the wrists.  We never graduated to milkshake making so he would have to come back and help out the hipster who had to have their milkshake on their drunken walk home but the cones…oh we had those covered.  We made those cones and coated them with sprinkles with love and enthusiasm.  There was a crowd every time he stopped and when the truck was moving he was blasting the music for our dance party breakdowns.

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It may have taken over 2 ½ hours for a 35 min drive but it was the best ride ever.  We danced all the way to Brooklyn in the back of a Mr. Frostee truck all the while serving ice cream to everyone.  IceCream John was a saint that felt that no one should go without so he would make mini cones for the homeless we passed.



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