Mekong Express Takes over Monday Nights

Mekong Express is a collaborative musical experience that formed around great beer and food at the IT BEER spot in Richmond VA – Mekong.  Musicians from various badass RVA bands (The New Belgians, Beast Wellington, The Big Payback, The House Band etc etc) get together every Monday night and play.  It is funky, rocky and full of soul.

If you find yourself in Richmond, VA get on out to Mekong on Monday nights!

2012-11-19-ToddHerrington-Mekong-103-SocialMedia2012-11-19-ToddHerrington-Mekong-8-A-SocialMedia2012-11-19-ToddHerrington-Mekong-28-SocialMedia2012-11-19-ToddHerrington-Mekong-80-SocialMedia2012-11-19-ToddHerrington-Mekong-93-SocialMedia 2012-11-19-ToddHerrington-Mekong-116-SocialMedia2012-11-19-ToddHerrington-Mekong-123-SocialMedia

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE


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