Jackass Flats | The Camel

Jackass Flats!  What can I say about this band?  I freakin’ LOVE them.  I mean, come on!  How can you not?  A bluegrassy cover of Head Like a Hole.  Yes, please!  More, please!
This show was particularly exciting for me because it was a reunion with my best friend, Scott Lewis, who rejoined the band for the night.  Scott has been touring around the country with Big Daddy Love and it was so exciting to see him play again.

For those not yet in the know about Jackass Flats, it is a rip roaring, hard edge bluegrass type of thing.  Banjo, fiddle, upright bass, pedal steel, keys, drums and a few guitars make their sound a bit rockabilly, a bit bluegrass, a bit country & western and all around awesome.

20121226-JAF-Camel350-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel453-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel307-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel479-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel338-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel363-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel346-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel386-SocialMedia-2 20121226-JAF-Camel500-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel259-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel548-SocialMedia

To see all the pics from the show CLICK HERE


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