Von Shakes | XPO

Von Shakes at XPO in Bushwick was certainly a visually amazing experience, due in large part to an enthusiastic dancer that first wanted the lead singer but then switched her gaze to the “drummer with the fabulous hair.”    I was pretty blown away by the dance moves that I saw that night as I think most everyone in attendance was.  I’ll admit to not paying too much attention to the boys that night (sorry guys) but there was just so much happening on the dance floor!!   It was brilliant.

The guys rocked it, they always do.  Seriously.. If you haven’t seen a VS show, make it a priority in your life to change that as soon as possible.  Their punky rock sound always gets the crowd dancing..though usually in a less jarring, convulsing way than the dancing was on this particular night.  They will get you up and rocking.  This is the band to watch out for if you want to see a band before they are all big and famous.

They will be at Arlene’s Grocery this coming Sat night at 11pm.  See y’all there!

20121109-VonShakes-XPO-289-SocialMedia20121109-VonShakes-XPO-12-SocialMedia20121109-VonShakes-XPO-78-SocialMedia 20121109-VonShakes-XPO-284-SocialMedia 20121109-VonShakes-XPO-66-SocialMedia20121109-VonShakes-XPO-17-SocialMedia20121109-VonShakes-XPO-84-SocialMedia20121109-VonShakes-XPO-113-SocialMedia

20121109-VonShakes-XPO-215-SocialMedia 20121109-VonShakes-XPO-224-A-SocialMedia 20121109-VonShakes-XPO-270-SocialMedia20121109-VonShakes-XPO-255-A-SocialMedia20121109-VonShakes-XPO-319-A-SocialMedia

To see all the pics from the show CLICK HERE


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