Samson Trinh | Promo Pics

It is truly a treat and a delight when someone you just respect the beejeezus out of asks to have their photos created.  Samson Trinh is one of my favorite action subjects to make photos of – when he conducts The Upper East Side Big Band it is a show unto itself.  The way he struts & dances across the stage while leading his musicians in an ecstatic homage to the music they are creating is just magnificent.  In addition to conducting, he is also an incredible ukulele, sax (etc. etc.) player.   As if that isn’t enough, he has also written and performed a ukulele rock & roll musical with fourth and fifth graders inspired by Where The Wild Things Are.  Plus he can cook, like, seriously cook.  Samson Trinh, have I told you how much you rock today?

IMG_0024_copy-SamsonTrihn-SocialMedia IMG_0082_copy-SamsonTrihn-SocialMediaIMG_0098_copyc-SamsonTrihn-SocialMediaIMG_0118_copyb-SamsonTrihn-SocialMedia IMG_0045-SamsonTrihn-SocialMediaIMG_0128-SamsonTrihn-SocialMedia IMG_0134-SamsonTrihn-SocialMedia IMG_0149-SamsonTrihn-SocialMedia IMG_0206-SamsonTrihn-SocialMedia IMG_0300-Edit-SamsonTrihn-SocialMediaIMG_0230-SamsonTrihn-SocialMedia

This cutie patootie couldn’t resist the sounds of the ukulele and came over to play with us.



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