Kristin’s Words of Love | A Boudoir Review | Covington Portraits

“When I shot with Ashly I felt, for the first time, like I could completely be myself in front of the camera. She knows how to make you feel comfortable, even with most of your clothes off. I felt sexy and alive. I had an absolute blast!

I suppose what I appreciate most about people in general is someone who loves what they do. Ashly is one of those people. She makes you have fun because it’s obvious that SHE is having fun.

I would take my clothes off for her again anytime!”

– Kristin

KristinDausch-2013-03-02-9-A-SocialMedia KristinDausch-2013-03-02-95-SocialMedia KristinDausch-2013-03-02-100-A-SocialMedia KristinDausch-2013-03-02-131-SocialMedia KristinDausch-2013-03-02-145-A-SocialMedia


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