V’s Beauty Shoot | a Beauty Portrait Story | Covington Portraits

Sometimes things happen for a reason, a really good reason, and for my portrait shoot with the fabulous V, that ‘thing’ was my poor makeup artist getting the flu 2 days before our shoot.  I was in a bit of a panic as I had exhausted my list of MUA for a replacement and then my dear friend, Jackie Poplar (an incredible actress and screen writer) put me in contact with Sarah Wood.  I exchanged a few emails with her and checked out her work and knew she would rock this shoot.  What I didn’t realize then was that Sarah would keep on rocking shoots with me.  I adored her the minute she rolled her bag into my studio.  I knew she was good at makeup, I’d seen her portfolio, but now I knew how good she was at being AWESOME.   And I like AWESOME people in my studio.

As soon as V came in, Sarah made her feel comfortable and in good hands as she prepped her face for the air brush makeup.  V is a beautiful strong lady and Sarah gave her several different looks that showed off just that!!  GORGEOUS!  This was my 2nd time shooting with V and I’ve got to admit here that I pretty much adore her.  She is such a loving and giving person.  Always ready with a fabulous smile and a kind word.  LUV LUV LUV.


IMG_6475-A-SocialMedia IMG_6483-SocialMedia IMG_6489-A-SocialMedia IMG_6541-A-SocialMedia IMG_6551-A-SocialMedia IMG_6698-A-SocialMedia IMG_6703-A-SocialMedia


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