The Lonely Teardrops | Banditos | Covington Rock

I love when my path in life brings me to great music, truth be told, I plan my path based on good music.  A Sunday night in Richmond, VA found my path headed to Banditos to catch The Lonely Teardrops set.  “The Lonely Teardrops are a LOW-Fi BIG SOUND combo heavily steeped in early 1960’s Mod-era Girl Garage Groups, Soul, Blues, and Surf Music.”   They rock.  Katie, singer guitar, and Crash, drums, are a bad ass two person rampaging machine.   They take control of the room and don’t ever let go.






IMG_0074-LonelyTeardrops-Banditos-SocialMedia IMG_0046-LonelyTeardrops-Banditos-SocialMedia

IMG_0043-LonelyTeardrops-Banditos-SocialMedia IMG_0028-LonelyTeardrops-Banditos-SocialMedia




Check out all the pics from the show HERE



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