Elspeth’s Words of Love | | A Boudoir Review |Covington Portraits

“I spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Ashly Covington’s Studio. Ashly is a warm, funny, and down to earth photographer. This was my first time modeling and I was nervous . But Ashly made me feel right at home. She has a contagious energy and  with the help of 80’s  music playing in the background l began to feel right at home. While Ashly photographed she gave direction with encouraging words that were easy to follow. Her enthusiasm helped me to relax and respond the way needed to capture the pose and pictures. I  enjoyed myself immensely and was amazed and delighted at the pictures she took of me. She is a extremely talented photographer.”

ElspethKramer-2013-03-02-9-A-A-SocialMedia ElspethKramer-2013-03-02-12-A-A-SocialMedia ElspethKramer-2013-03-02-17-A-A-SocialMedia ElspethKramer-2013-03-02-48-A-A-SocialMedia ElspethKramer-2013-03-02-53-SocialMedia ElspethKramer-2013-03-02-102-A-SocialMedia


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