Marijani | a Corporate Portrait Story | CovingtonPortraits

Yesterday started out the perfect day. I remember looking out the window in the morning and thinking ‘oh what a perfect day to create headshots!’ had predicted a gorgeous day all week and it started out as just that. The corporate headshot session with Marijani was scheduled at 4pm and everything looked great until about 2:45pm. At that point it started raining. Ugh. I like to do a combination of indoor and outdoor shots during a headshot session. There are such incredible backdrops within 200 feet of my studio and I just get excited using them and I love the way the unique backdrops look in the final images. With the rain coming down that was out. Marijani arrived early and it turned out that the rain was actually a blessing. Things always work out the way that they should. Her headshots are strictly for corporate use and we found that a plain background was ideal. We shot on black and white and were able to get so many more variations in the looks because we were focused only on her. The day that almost turned blah ended up being a laughter filled awesome experience ending with hugs and plans for another type of shoot in June. I am very excited about the June shoot as she will bring along some photographs of her parents caught on the street in Cape Town, South Africa. Back in the day, there used to be street photographers who would capture the comings and goings of the people in Cape Town. They would mail the photographs to the people and if they wanted to keep them, they would pay the photographer when they came round. How cool is that? She said she has some incredible images of her parents and one in particular that her mom says ‘brings back the memories and happenings of that day in an instant.’ And that is what I think is so cool about photography. You see an image and you remember the feelings and happenings around that time in your life. This is why I’ve always valued and loved photography. It saves. It preserves. Photos are our personal time capsules to our lives. Lets cherish and value them.

and drum roll please…. The beautiful Marijani.



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