Ashley <3 Chris | a Marfa (TX) Love Story | CovingtonLove

There are those times in life when you know that you are in exactly the right place at the right time while it is happening.  Last week was one of those times.  I found myself in one of the most magical spots in the whole of the USA – and I’ve traversed the country three times.  I’ve seen beautiful country.  I’ve skipped in magical places.  And Marfa, TX blows them all away.  The air is gorgeous there, not to mention the views, the lights, and the people that I got to share a few days with.    I will have a blog coming soon on the awesomeness of Clayton Austin and the special people that I got to hang with as I learned new ways of seeing and sharing love with my camera.

Today I want to share the love that I saw and was around for 3 special days in Marfa, Texas.  Ashley & Chris have been together since high school and they have that type of connection where they just move and flow together.   My mom told me once that you can see love when it isn’t trying to be shown.  The gentle clasp of a hand on a waist or a soft touch of a finger on a neck.  The almost throw away moments because they are so small, so *almost* inconsequential that they look like they don’t matter, when in fact those moments are the foundation of love.

Here is my glimpse at the love between Ashley and Chris.

1-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 2-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 3-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 4-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 5-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 6-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 7-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 8-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 9-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 10-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 11-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 14-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 15-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 16-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 17-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove 20-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove18-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove19-MarfaLoveStory-CovingtonLove


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