Brandy <3 James | a Glendale (CA) Love Story | CovingtonLove

While I was in LA this past weekend, I had the wonderful chance to reconnect with James Lujan, my friend from college, while creating his new headshot. We shared quite a few stages back in the day and I love that he is making it happen! Check out his latest project, Red Angel by Eric Bogosian.
Our headshot session blossomed into an engagment session with his lovely fiance, Brandy when we all realized that they didn’t have those ‘awwww’ together type of engagement photos. Which is crazy, as they are so ‘awwwww’ together. I had to say “Gross” to them several times to get them to tone it down. Like, people want to see that? I joke, they are adorable together and it was beautiful to be able to see and share their love with these images. The early evening light was the perfect backdrop as we wandered around a creatively quaint and beautiful neighborhood in Glendale, California. I’m all kinds of in love with Glendale, California. The homes are so cute, the flowers are so prolific and the people are all smiles. The living is surely pleasant in the sunshine state and that magical neighborhood in particular. Lots of love to you Jamie & Brandy.

Photo © Ashly Covington,


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