Cece <3 Brandon | a LA (CA) Love Story | CovingtonLove

I love getting to know each and every person in front of my lens.  It is a huge part of what makes me jump up each morning ready to grab my camera and point it at someone.  When I already know someone that I’m creating images with, especially when it is a forever friend, well, that is just something that makes me so happy.

Growing up, CeCe and I both wished that each of our moms was just a little bit more like the others mom.  I was a tom boy who lived in dirty ripped jeans,  with a mother who pushed for off the shoulder and sexier clothes.  CeCe always loved dresses & girlie things while her mom had a penchant for casual as her focus was on her incredible art.  We are both blessed to have the moms that we had and in a way, blessed to have had each others mom as well.  CeCe told me that my mom was one of the first people to make her feel glamourous….ahh, the great dress incident.  & I loved being around CeCe’s moms casual approach to life with a a good dose of humor & a dedication to her art.  They were both models that we both needed.  And both agreed on one thing “Never Leave The House Without Lipstick.”

When CeCe asked me to shoot her wedding, I was so honored.  Making photos of her big day is such an incredible thing.  I am so grateful to have the chance to share her day with her and her wonderful fiance, Brandon, in this way.  I can’t wait!!   We arranged a visit out to LA to make some engagement photographs along with a good catch up while they figure out all the wedding logistics.   We roamed around Los Feliz and Griffiths Park early Sunday morning to create these images.  I loved getting to know Brandon, he and CeCe are amazing together.   The way he holds her makes me sigh.  ❤ is awesome and comforting and so beautiful to see.    It is also lovely and reassuring to know that some things never change.   CeCe is still one of the funniest, sweetest and most beautiful friends I’ve ever had.  < 3 y’all!! 2013-06-07_0052.jpg2013-06-07_0046.jpg 2013-06-07_0057.jpg2013-06-07_0060.jpg 2013-06-07_0047.jpg2013-06-07_0048.jpg2013-06-07_0059.jpg 2013-06-07_0056.jpg 2013-06-07_0055.jpg2013-06-07_0058.jpg 2013-06-07_0051.jpg2013-06-07_0053.jpg 2013-06-07_0050.jpg2013-06-07_0054.jpg 2013-06-07_0049.jpg


One thought on “Cece <3 Brandon | a LA (CA) Love Story | CovingtonLove

  1. Congrats CeCe! I think the three grouped towards the center are the best because you positively GLOW… and pop off the page… the one in front of the house, the one in the tree root, and the one in front of the wrought iron gate.


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