VA Living | a Home Story | Covington Portraits

My mom makes the best pancakes in the world.  She makes them from scratch and one time tried to fool me once, because she was out of milk or eggs, so she made them with some mix from a box.  She put a layer of flour all over the counter and made the kitchen look like she had been hard at work creating my favorite breakfast….  I took one bite and pushed the plate away.  My palate for pancakes does not allow for subpar.  She hadn’t thought I would know the difference.  She doesn’t realize she makes the best pancakes in the world and that the taste is more than just noticeable.  Non mom pancakes are almost offensive.  🙂  These are my moms pancakes.  These are the real deal.

My mom’s BLT’s are also well above average on the tasty scale.  She does the right and with Hanover Tomatoes, the best in the country, picked from our neighbors garden.  Delicious.  Nothing beats this sandwich in the summer time.  YUM.

home-va-02-20130716 home-va-09-20130716
































I  love the time I get to spend in VA.  I spent my whole life coming home to this house.  My dad built most of it and most of the things on the property and this place will always be home.  I don’t even mind the lack of technology here.  No cell phone, no internet, no cable.  It is quiet at night, that is for sure!

home-va-50-20130717 home-va-20-20130717


In addition to her mad pancake making skills, my mom also has an incredible green thumb and repurposing mind.  She loves to find things and incorporate them into her “wild garden.”  She added some sort of wire and stone piece that she found with moss into this dead log to create a border for part of the wooded garden.




This is the tree that my daddy planted for me when I was born.  It is a Magnolia and I love it.



home-va-45-20130717Mom’s mad flower arranging skills.  Also a bit of my dad’s woodworking skills.  He made anything in the photograph that is wood.   

home-va-52-20130717 home-va-54-20130717 home-va-55-20130717 home-va-57-20130717 home-va-58-20130717

My dad’s work shop has remained much the same since he passed away 8 years ago.  Projects still waiting and tools all nicely organized.  Sometimes there are places that need to stay the same for awhile.  


❤ what you do.


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