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When Stuart Klinger told me about his summer songwriting collectives, it sounded like it would be awesome!  The best kind of summer camp, in my opinion.  Kids get together and spend the first week writing songs and the 2nd week recording them with a grand finale at a NYC venue!  How cool would that have been to your 12 year old rockstar self?   So cool!  So very, very, very cool.
I met up with the first session about 3/4’s of the way through recording.  While certain kids laid down their tracks or overdubs, others were creating artwork for the album…which was going to be released the NEXT DAY!  Who has a turn around like that?  The Bandwriting Collective does.   Check out their site HERE!   6 completed songs,  from start to finish in two weeks.  I am very impressed with the program that Stuart heads with Jesse Krakow, Bill Gerstel, Mathew Baram, and Matt Gill.

.  The kids came to work and I left with several tunes stuck happily in my head and I was only hearing bits and pieces of the songs.  I’ve still got “She Told Me Not to Do It” running through my head.

I was very excited to head to the Slipper Room to check out the show the very next day.  I wonder how late everyone was up putting the final touches on the cds.  Their hard work paid off and everyone who came to the show was rewarded with a CD complete with the winning art submission.  Everyone was excited and nervous and the setlist was decided by the order of the tracks on the cd.   The Slipper Room is a gorgeous space and I found a crawl space above the stage that was just a little bit nerve wracking holding my camera above.  Double checked my Black Rapid Strap for that one!!!    When I heard the first song, I nearly stopped shooting.  It was so polished and rocking.  I was blown away.  I had only heard the smallest bit of each song the day before, this was so full and rich and everyone was committed to nailing it.  I love watching the future of music happen!

To check out all the pics from the 1st session of Bandwriting Collective CLICK HERE


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