Bushwick Living | Life | Covington Portraits

I love the home and family that I have found in Brooklyn, NY. I am very lucky to have come across such an incredible space and place to dwell in while working in this city and it has the bonus of the most awesome neighbors. Seriously, I won the lottery on this one.
I love where I live because you never know when a random night on the roof could evolve.


I love the cooking abilities of my neighbors. Dang, there are some good cooks in this building. Sauman & Gordon throw the best foodie parties.  & Jeff’s sardines.  nom nom.


This girl. Anne. She rocks.


and the doglets and their human care givers. We all have our roles to play in the happiness of the buildings many dogs.



One thought on “Bushwick Living | Life | Covington Portraits

  1. You are right on…we live in quite a special place! Love seeing your picture stories, especially since it’s all too familiar. 🙂

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