Rebecca’s Words of Love | A Portrait Review | Covington Portraits

“It was wonderful opportunity for me to work with Ashly.  I went in hoping to get one good head-shot but I left with having so many great photos that the hardest part of the entire experience has been how to choose.  From the beginning of the photo shoot Ashly made me feel comfortable and her positive energy was contagious.  It felt to me more like playing dress up with friends, including tons of laughter, than the typical nervousness of getting the shot right.  There was no right or wrong just good times and it shows in the moments Ashly captured.
Thank you for everything!
All the best,

Thank you Rebecca for your kind words, you were amazing to work with.  Sarah Wood, the rock star makeup artist and I had a great time playing dress up with you.   & getting to hear you sing, wow.   You gave all of us goosebumps.   I look forward hearing your perform onstage one day.

Ready to hear Rebecca sing?


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