Becca <3 Matt | a Brooklyn, NY Love Story | Covington Love

In exactly one month, I will be stepping onto a plane to Wisconsin to create photo memories of a sweet, intimate country wedding.  Becca first met Matt when he was on a date with someone else and they have been together ever since.  In one month, they will make their love official.   They also perform together in an beautifully woven together band.  That actually sums up Becca & Matt, they are beautifully woven together, they fit.  They each are incredible talented on their own and then they come together and everything blossoms.  I noticed it when creating these images, Becca just fit beautifully >naturally< in Matt’s arms.  They moved together and allowed each to shine.  I am so incredibly honored and excited that they are sharing such a special day with me and my camera.  See you two in one month!


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