The Evolution of an Idea |a Hershey Syrup Story | Covington Portraits

I believe in challenging myself.  Sometimes a little bit too much.  I tend to take on too many projects and work around the clock because I love what I call ‘work.’  I love creating and trying out new things with my camera.  So I enrolled in an online class called project 52  with Don Giannatti.  I enrolled in the paid Pro workshop and set about it faithfully…for the first 12 weeks.  I’ll admit publicly that I have fallen off the horse due to all the things that get in the way of doing a fun extra project.   ha ha.    But I am still plugging along, in my own Taurus way, on the assignments.

The project for this particular week was ‘red balloons.’  We could do anything we wanted as long as it had red balloons as a feature in the image.   I had just gotten off a red eye flight from California when I realized the assignment was due that evening.  I actually had not even had time with my work schedule to check what the assignment was.   I read the part about red balloons and immediately went and combed the area for red balloons.  There were none in any of the drug stores that were within walking distance of where I was staying.   hmmmm.    I was also tired and feeling a bit lazy while also needing to unpack so I grabbed some pipe cleaners at one of the stores and created the first image.

Photo © Ashly Covington,

Um.  No.  Even though I was tired, I couldn’t turn in something like that.  No.  I’ll admit to being somewhat of a perfectionist and the above photo was sloppy work based on sloppy inspiration.  It was lame.   And I had been on top of my assignments every week for the journey and wasn’t going to submit subpar work.  (oh back in those glory days of being current with my homework, ha ha)

Hmmm.  What else did I have handy but more importantly what was my vision.  Red Balloons.  I looked at the above photo on the back of my camera and envisioned it with a girl dangling off.  But how to create the vision and make it engaging and interesting and with what I had and in a time crunch.  Hmmm.  Just at that moment, there was a knock at my door and the incredible artist Zlata Kolomoyskaya  stopped by to do a quick sketch of my hands for a project she is working on.  She saw all my materials laid out and asked what I was doing.  We brainstormed for a few minutes and then ran to the corner deli.  There we found the tools to make a worthy image.  Cherries and Hershey Syrup.  I wanted fresh cherries but there were none to be found so we settled for the kind in the syrup.

I described to her what I wanted the girl to look like and in about 6 minutes drew exactly what I wanted with Hershey Syrup with a piece of spaghetti!!  Zlata is so incredibly talented it blows me away.

Zlata doing her thing.

The Homework Assignment

Photo © Ashly Covington,



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