Melissa + Brendan | a Central Park Proposal | Covington Portraits

There are a lot of moments that I am honored to witness because of what I create with my camera.  This past Thursday night, I got to be included in one of the most thrilling and sweetest thing that a couple experiences.   The excited fiancé-to-be was put in touch with me via the incredible photographer, Beana Bern, who recently relocated to the gorgeous state of Vermont.  Thanks for referring me for such a beautiful experience, Beana!

The proposal happened about 9:30 at night in front of the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.  The evening was beautiful and I was most nervous about blowing the surprise.  It was dark, there are no lights around that statue so that made flash or video light a necessity.  How do I use flash and not give away what is happening?  I had my assistant, Tracy, pretend to be a mom getting photos made for her children.  ha.  She ‘posed’ near them as he walked her up, blindfolded.  Melissa told me later that she was only thinking about how weird she must have looked to us!   Brendan gave us a thumbs up for our ruse and started to set the stage for the big moment.  He came prepared with rose petals and Alice themed cupcakes and tea set.  As she sat, blindfolded, Brendan would call out and reassure her that he was close and excited to surprise her.

He removed her blindfold and led her through the rose petals to the statue where he told her about his time playing on the statue as a child.  Tracy was still posing just out of range of my lens and Melissa never gave us a thought.  When Brendan dropped to his knees, Melissa’s joyful gasp caused me to get a little teary.  They froze in the happiest moment with their eyes locked.  They were both just glowing and it was an honor being a witness to the moment.  The moment their legacy began and was confirmed with the slip of a gorgeous art deco inspired ring onto her finger.

One of my favorite moments was when she finally did notice that we were there for them, Melissa immediately ran over to Tracy so she could see the ring clearly with the video light.   After an approving ring choice kiss (he picked it out himself) she exclaimed ‘WAIT!  So this is why you wanted me to have a spa day and get a manicure! So I’d be camera ready!!!’  Then she giggled and jumped into his arms.

❤ what you do.


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