The Broadberry’s Soft Opening | Covington Events

The Broadberry is the bomb.  This is EXACTLY what the RVA has needed.  I have had many a friends band have to skip over Richmond because there was not a medium sized venue.  & that is just not right.  Thanks to Rand Burgess, Lucas Fritz & Matt McDonald for banging their heads together to make The Broadberry happen.  The RVA music scene is too good for anyone to have to skip over this town.  RVA’s contribution to the east coast music scene is as awesome as it is varied and I think that is why I am especially happy that 2/3’s of the founders are from The Camel, they will keep this place hopping with all types of sounds.  Rock, big bands, bluegrass – they aren’t going to discriminate and now we have a place where touring bands can come and share their tunes.  I’m really excited to see the rocking diversity that is going happen on that stage over the next year!

& then there is the club itself.  Wow.  You walk in and you stop and just take it all in.  It is beautiful.  White leather sofas look over a room that is washed in ever changing colors of light.  Sparkling chandeliers hang down from the ceilings and a smooth white bar brightens up the slick and modern space.  I foresee epic dance offs on the color changing cubes, and yes, you read that right…..  Color changing cubes that are big enough for several people to fit on.  Each tap of the foot or hand changes the color.   In the back of the room lies the changeable stage.  They created a situation that can accommodate anything – the stage can go from a regular proscenium style to almost any configuration, including a long catwalk or risers added – YES – get the drummers up higher!!!   The lighting was gorgeous and I just really appreciate the thought that went into designing a space that looks and feels awesome.

& & then there is the food!  YUM.  I had the fish taco’s and they were delicious.  The fish was cooked perfectly and seasoned deliciously.  The tortillas were the perfect size as well.  I chatted with a guy who said his chicken sandwich was great.  I want to try the fries next time i think…they looked really good.

& & & then there is the outside patio.  Sadly it was raining on this night but the patio is going to be the spot!  I’m looking forward to seeing some bluegrass in the sunshine on that patio.

I could & all day about this place!  Do yourself a favor and just go check it out.  I’ve heard that it is also available for private parties – this would be the coolest place ever to host a party!!!


For all the pics CLICK HERE


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