Music at Baja Bean / Covington Rock

Well, this is a bittersweet blog entry.  A few weeks ago The RVA was rocked by the Von Shakes.  It was one of my favorite weekends with them!  (close 2nd is the middle of new york state college weekend….  The lap dance room at that backwoods bar!!!  Wow!)  At any rate, the RVA weekend was tops. They had a blast. RVA had a blast.  & then I saw them a week later and they told me they broke up.  I’m so bummed writing this because I missed their last show, which happened this past weekend in NYC.  I had 10 events/people to create images of this past weekend and just could not get up there.  Sad.  I remember their very first show in NYC and how quickly they just grabbed my attention and kept it.  A damn good band and its just a damn shame that the music industry makes it easy for autotuned assholes who spend their time creating tabloid headlines while real musicians and talented performers have to scrape by and struggle to hopefully get a few pennies from itunes. I hate this side of the music biz..the side that forces the exceptional to grow weary and over it.  There are too many bands that should be where some of this radio bullshit it.

Ok, rant over.  I ❤ these guys.  The von shakes showed me mad respect as a photographer and friend and I hope that maybe…one day…there will be a reunion show.  If BooB can get back together for a show after 5 years (sold that out, duh!) then I have faith that I may get to see VS rock again.

Till then…  The Baja Bean show!

The Von Shakes had been included on the eves bill by the vendors!  Thanks!!  I had never seen them before and was psyched because the badass Stephen Kuester was going to be sitting in on the slide guitar.  Oh yeah, I like it when SK plays that slide.  It nice.  The good ole boys took the stage and introduced the Von Shakes to some nice honkytonkin’ rocknroll!  Dug their sound and their songs.  Again – THIS is what is needed in music.  Good storytelling with a good show and damn fine music.  (ok, not going to let myself starting ranting again!) So go see them when they play next, you’ll love it.

& then some of the guys from one of my 2014 fave bands, Tarrant, took the stage.  Jordan Tarrant always brings great stories to life with his rich voice and he was joined by  Jared Pool on mandolin & Russell Lacy on guitar.  These guys know how to weave some magic together.



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