Jackass Flats, Sturgeon City and Tarrant rock The Broadberry | Covington Rock

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating!  The Broadberry is EXACTLY what RVA has been needing.  It is the perfect spot for anything from a birthday party to a fashion show to a night of rock!  I was very excited to finally see some live music play the big stage, especially with one of my forever favorite bands, Jackass Flats headlining.  The place was packed and everyone was smiling.  How can you not?  They have candied bacon.  & it is as delicious as you think it is!

The Broadberry, Candied Bacon

Another great thing about The Broadberry is the incredibly long bar and awesome staff.  There are great people behind the bar AND a lot of them!  What other venue in town can you actually get to the bar and order a drink easily during a packed show???

The Broadberry Staff


Tarrant started the evening off right with their Americana Rockin’ style.  I adore Jordan Tarrants voice, rich and emotional, he weaves a story that pulls you right.  The band is made up of all star players in Jared Pool, Chrissie Griffith, Dusty Ray Simmons, Craig Harmon & Russell Lacy.


Next up was Sturgeon City.  They had played a softer version of their rocking string grass set for The Broadberry’s ‘soft opening.’  On this night,  on the big stage in the back, their set got a whole lot louder, more rambunctious and rocking.

The first two bands had everyone at The Broadberry pumped!  Have I mentioned what an awesome space it is yet?  Haah.  The Broadberry brings the happy!

Everyone was pumped for Jackass Flats and they brought all the badassery that makes the crowd want to dance about in jubilance and glee.  Their rocking, mischievous bluegrass sound makes it impossible to stand still, you have to dance.  Have to.  It is hard for me to stop for a moment to make a good image.

For all the pics CLICK HERE


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