RVA Fashion Week at The Broadberry | Covington Imagery

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I headed down to The Broadberry to capture images of the RVA Fashion Week show.  Would the stage be extended, how would it be set up?  The club had been transformed with all the tables cleared and a long runway going down the center with rows of chairs on either side.  Richmond came out in their best to vie for best dressed with the models swishing down the runway in designs by Chilalay, Angelina Cooper, Amanda Campbell, Abigail Mpofu, Ashley Church, Candace Parrish, Markie Colden, Nijole Bailey, Ryan Azia, Stuart King, Lakisha Greene, Kamala Bhagat, and more!!  It was neat to see how the space of The Broadberry can be transformed to accommodate any event.  

If you worked on this show as a designer, make up artist, hair stylist or model, please shoot me an email at CovingtonPortraits@gmail.com   I would like to make sure you are all properly credited and am looking to build a team for upcoming shoots.  Thank you for not cropping my images and linking back to my site if you repost.

For all the pics CLICK HERE


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