Strongbow, Hot Air Affair and One Truth at The National | Covington Rock

I was psyched to get down to the National to see Hot Air Affair (then known as To Be Found) open up for DNA. The National is a stunning space to create images in and Hot Air Affair just keeps upping themselves at each show!  Somehow each one is the best show!  So I knew that I had to see them rock on The National’s stage.

When I got there, the door man said that they were already on stage and almost done with their set!  I have never gotten a camera set up that quickly before.  Huge relief to rush in and not see a familiar face on the stage.  They had them confused with the band that went first.  I got to catch the last bit of Strongbow‘s funky rock set.

For all the pics CLICK HERE

& then it was time for Hot Air Affair & they brought it.  They pulled the crowd in.  Everyone was up front and dancing.  They play with the energy and enthusiasm that combined with great music makes for one helluva show!

For all the pics CLICK HERE

I was just getting ready to skedaddle when JC of One Truth played some operatic cords and started singing.  I was at the back saying my goodbyes with my camera gear all packed and I think that I stopped mid sentence to turn around and stare at the stage.  Passion and emotion and longing and excitement and joy and sadness, a kind of musical opera.  Nothing that I was expecting to hear that night and I grabbed my gear and went up to listen to the story!  Lots of talent in this band, I was hooked.

For all the pics CLICK HERE


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