Playing in the Dark | Light Painting | Covington Imagery

I love light painting!  It is so much fun to try to paint in the dark!  This is how I entertain myself without internet at my home!  I tried out the first picture sort of using myself as a guide and then went and interrupted my mom who was watching ‘Criminal Minds’.

Me “Mom, can I borrow you for a second?”

Mom “why?” her voice gets a bit nervous “what do you want with me?”

Me “I want to set you on fire.”

Mom  “The Criminal Minds team will hunt you down and find you if you do that!”

NiteLite-Test-20140530-04-CovingtonImagery-SM NiteLite-Test-20140530-09-CovingtonImagery-SM



Then I decided to go outside.  There is no internet in the middle of the country but it is dark, oh so wonderfully dark, at night!  The image below probably took about 20+ minutes to paint.  I used the same flashlight for everything, just a regular flashlight with different gels for colors.


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