Transformation Tuesday in LA | Headshot Photography

Yesterday I had the joy of photographing a LA actor named Don Boughton.  I knew it was going to be a great session as he was referred to me by CeCe Pleasants Adams, a comedy writer in LA.  I am pretty sure she only knows hysterical and awesome people, so I knew it would be a pleasure.  I always like to see the prior headshot and hear what they love about it and what they would want to improve as well as hearing what types of roles are being sought.  Don sent along his and let me know that while he liked it, it was just sadly out of date, and that he was going for a friendly, welcoming shot that could get auditions for grandfathers or retired gentlemen.
It can sometimes be hard to find the time to update shots, I KNOW THIS, I currently need a new headshot.  Mine is so out of date, so I understand the pain involved with trying to set up the whole process to get it done.  That is why I set up my mini sessions – They are fun and fast!  We could have finished Don & CeCe’s session in half the time (CeCe decided to get some updated shots as well since we were shooting around her home in Glendale!) but we were laughing and chatting too much.

Don’s Before headshot
and after The Covington Imagery Headshot session.

headshot photographer Los Angeles

When I got back to West Hollywood, I had this message waiting for me from Don –

‘Had a great time this morning. Best photo session I’ve had, no exaggeration.”

I’ll be in LA all month, so if anyone is dragging their heels (like I am) to get an updated headshot, hit me up – I promise you’ll have a great time and get too many images.  As I was leaving CeCe said “The worst thing about your photography is that I can’t possibly choose just two!”


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