Headshot Mini Sessions in LA for December 2014!!

The west coast is wonderful!  The weather, oh the weather.  I escaped right before the cold settled on the East Coast as I had a few jobs on the west coast.  Those few jobs have turned into some more and I found myself, very happily, canceling my flight home.

Yeah, LA!  & I’m excited to announce a special that I’ll be running a Headshot Mini session all month.  I had the pleasure of updating the actor Don Boughton’s, headshot (bottom right) and the comedy writer CeCe Pleasants (purple sweater) publicity shots.  We had a blast and rocked out four changes for CeCe and over five for Don in under 45 minutes.

If you need new pictures, I’ll be in LA for a few weeks and would love to create some images that rock for you.  Send an email to info@CovingtonImagery.com

Afterwards I got a lovely email from Don that said;
“Had a great time this morning. Best photo session I’ve had, no exaggeration.”

and CeCe posted online saying;
“Hey LA friends! Yesterday, my good friend Ashly Covington, who I’ve known for more years than I can mention if I am going to keep up the charade that I’m about to turn 31… came over to our house to do a headshot session with the wonderful Don Boughton. I don’t act much anymore, but occasionally somebody asks me to do some acting or standup or something, and they want a picture of me. The one from 10 years ago, though lovely, isn’t really an accurate representation of what I look like now. So I decided to piggyback on Don’s headshot session and have Ashly shoot me too. (You might have seen some of our glorious wedding/engagement photos… those are also her handiwork.) I HATE having my picture taken, and I really don’t like pictures of myself… that is, unless Ashly takes them. Ashly is a sort of magician with a camera, which is not at all to take away from the fact that she is a RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER… and the best part is, she can take 15 awesome photos in under 15 minutes. So that thing I’d been putting off for years ONLY TOOK 15 MINUTES! It’s like ripping off a band aid, only with zero pain and really beautiful pictures afterward.”

❤ what you do!


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