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The Wedding of CeCe + Brandon | Glendale, CA | Wedding Photography

The Alex Theater in Glendale, CA was the gorgeous backdrop for The Wedding of CeCe & Brandon.  The theatre was the perfect setting for their love story.  The details of the day, from the broccoli in the bouquet to all the accents of turquoise were in memory and celebration of Carol Bock, CeCe’s mom.  Brandon created fantastic admission tickets and movie posters to decorate the reception.  The wedding was full of joyful tears and a lot of laughter especially with CeCe’s vow to Brandon that he was “now obligated by law to love her.”   The reception took place in the courtyard of The Alex Theater and everyone boogied to “Thriller” and chowed down on delicious BBQ and homemade desserts.

Alissa of Alissa Esposito Photography traveled from Las Vegas to help make sure we saved all the special moments of the day!  Alissa and I had so much fun creating images together that we have decided to offer our services together as The A Team Imagery!

To see all the images from their day CLICK HERE

Becca + Matt | a Wisconsin Farm Wedding | Covington Portraits

Looking out at the snowy backyard makes me think back to this beautiful wedding on a farm in Manitowoc, WI.  It was the perfect September day to celebrate with this beautiful couple.
❤ these types of days.

❤ what you do.

Melissa + Brendan | a Central Park Proposal | Covington Portraits

There are a lot of moments that I am honored to witness because of what I create with my camera.  This past Thursday night, I got to be included in one of the most thrilling and sweetest thing that a couple experiences.   The excited fiancé-to-be was put in touch with me via the incredible photographer, Beana Bern, who recently relocated to the gorgeous state of Vermont.  Thanks for referring me for such a beautiful experience, Beana!

The proposal happened about 9:30 at night in front of the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.  The evening was beautiful and I was most nervous about blowing the surprise.  It was dark, there are no lights around that statue so that made flash or video light a necessity.  How do I use flash and not give away what is happening?  I had my assistant, Tracy, pretend to be a mom getting photos made for her children.  ha.  She ‘posed’ near them as he walked her up, blindfolded.  Melissa told me later that she was only thinking about how weird she must have looked to us!   Brendan gave us a thumbs up for our ruse and started to set the stage for the big moment.  He came prepared with rose petals and Alice themed cupcakes and tea set.  As she sat, blindfolded, Brendan would call out and reassure her that he was close and excited to surprise her.

He removed her blindfold and led her through the rose petals to the statue where he told her about his time playing on the statue as a child.  Tracy was still posing just out of range of my lens and Melissa never gave us a thought.  When Brendan dropped to his knees, Melissa’s joyful gasp caused me to get a little teary.  They froze in the happiest moment with their eyes locked.  They were both just glowing and it was an honor being a witness to the moment.  The moment their legacy began and was confirmed with the slip of a gorgeous art deco inspired ring onto her finger.

One of my favorite moments was when she finally did notice that we were there for them, Melissa immediately ran over to Tracy so she could see the ring clearly with the video light.   After an approving ring choice kiss (he picked it out himself) she exclaimed ‘WAIT!  So this is why you wanted me to have a spa day and get a manicure! So I’d be camera ready!!!’  Then she giggled and jumped into his arms.

❤ what you do.

Emilie + Andy | a NYC Love Story | Covington Portraits

A beautiful time spent with beautiful people.  I love creating images of people in love.  Emilie & Andy came to NYC to start hunting for an apartment.  They had recently gotten married and were making the move from Richmond, VA up to NYC.  Andy is a badass drummer that I have enjoyed getting to see perform in bands like Sambiosis & The Upper East Side Big Band.  He is also a killer ping pong player.  🙂
It was wonderful to get to meet Emilie as she is as sweet and awesome as she looks.  They are beautiful folks and it was a pleasure to create some images of their new life together in New York City.

Photo © Ashly Covington,

Photo © Ashly Covington, Photo © Ashly Covington, Photo © Ashly Covington, Photo © Ashly Covington,❤ what you do.

Becca <3 Matt | a Brooklyn, NY Love Story | Covington Love

In exactly one month, I will be stepping onto a plane to Wisconsin to create photo memories of a sweet, intimate country wedding.  Becca first met Matt when he was on a date with someone else and they have been together ever since.  In one month, they will make their love official.   They also perform together in an beautifully woven together band.  That actually sums up Becca & Matt, they are beautifully woven together, they fit.  They each are incredible talented on their own and then they come together and everything blossoms.  I noticed it when creating these images, Becca just fit beautifully >naturally< in Matt’s arms.  They moved together and allowed each to shine.  I am so incredibly honored and excited that they are sharing such a special day with me and my camera.  See you two in one month!

Brittany <3 Andrew | a New England Love Story | Covington Love

Brittany & Andrew love.  Their love is warm, rich and full of laughter.  They gaze into each others eyes in a way that just makes me fall in love with the two of them in love.  Brittany just fits perfectly into Andrews arms and Andrews arms were made to hold Brittany.  It was a joy to spend an afternoon basking in their glow.  When they met each other, Brittany was dating someone else and Andrew said the only thing he could think the first time he saw her was “Why is that girl with that guy??”  He knew before he knew that they were meant to be together.   Lots of love to B&A!

Cece <3 Brandon | a LA (CA) Love Story | CovingtonLove

I love getting to know each and every person in front of my lens.  It is a huge part of what makes me jump up each morning ready to grab my camera and point it at someone.  When I already know someone that I’m creating images with, especially when it is a forever friend, well, that is just something that makes me so happy.

Growing up, CeCe and I both wished that each of our moms was just a little bit more like the others mom.  I was a tom boy who lived in dirty ripped jeans,  with a mother who pushed for off the shoulder and sexier clothes.  CeCe always loved dresses & girlie things while her mom had a penchant for casual as her focus was on her incredible art.  We are both blessed to have the moms that we had and in a way, blessed to have had each others mom as well.  CeCe told me that my mom was one of the first people to make her feel glamourous….ahh, the great dress incident.  & I loved being around CeCe’s moms casual approach to life with a a good dose of humor & a dedication to her art.  They were both models that we both needed.  And both agreed on one thing “Never Leave The House Without Lipstick.”

When CeCe asked me to shoot her wedding, I was so honored.  Making photos of her big day is such an incredible thing.  I am so grateful to have the chance to share her day with her and her wonderful fiance, Brandon, in this way.  I can’t wait!!   We arranged a visit out to LA to make some engagement photographs along with a good catch up while they figure out all the wedding logistics.   We roamed around Los Feliz and Griffiths Park early Sunday morning to create these images.  I loved getting to know Brandon, he and CeCe are amazing together.   The way he holds her makes me sigh.  ❤ is awesome and comforting and so beautiful to see.    It is also lovely and reassuring to know that some things never change.   CeCe is still one of the funniest, sweetest and most beautiful friends I’ve ever had.  < 3 y’all!! 2013-06-07_0052.jpg2013-06-07_0046.jpg 2013-06-07_0057.jpg2013-06-07_0060.jpg 2013-06-07_0047.jpg2013-06-07_0048.jpg2013-06-07_0059.jpg 2013-06-07_0056.jpg 2013-06-07_0055.jpg2013-06-07_0058.jpg 2013-06-07_0051.jpg2013-06-07_0053.jpg 2013-06-07_0050.jpg2013-06-07_0054.jpg 2013-06-07_0049.jpg

Brandy <3 James | a Glendale (CA) Love Story | CovingtonLove

While I was in LA this past weekend, I had the wonderful chance to reconnect with James Lujan, my friend from college, while creating his new headshot. We shared quite a few stages back in the day and I love that he is making it happen! Check out his latest project, Red Angel by Eric Bogosian.
Our headshot session blossomed into an engagment session with his lovely fiance, Brandy when we all realized that they didn’t have those ‘awwww’ together type of engagement photos. Which is crazy, as they are so ‘awwwww’ together. I had to say “Gross” to them several times to get them to tone it down. Like, people want to see that? I joke, they are adorable together and it was beautiful to be able to see and share their love with these images. The early evening light was the perfect backdrop as we wandered around a creatively quaint and beautiful neighborhood in Glendale, California. I’m all kinds of in love with Glendale, California. The homes are so cute, the flowers are so prolific and the people are all smiles. The living is surely pleasant in the sunshine state and that magical neighborhood in particular. Lots of love to you Jamie & Brandy.

Photo © Ashly Covington,

Ashley <3 Chris | a Marfa (TX) Love Story | CovingtonLove

There are those times in life when you know that you are in exactly the right place at the right time while it is happening.  Last week was one of those times.  I found myself in one of the most magical spots in the whole of the USA – and I’ve traversed the country three times.  I’ve seen beautiful country.  I’ve skipped in magical places.  And Marfa, TX blows them all away.  The air is gorgeous there, not to mention the views, the lights, and the people that I got to share a few days with.    I will have a blog coming soon on the awesomeness of Clayton Austin and the special people that I got to hang with as I learned new ways of seeing and sharing love with my camera.

Today I want to share the love that I saw and was around for 3 special days in Marfa, Texas.  Ashley & Chris have been together since high school and they have that type of connection where they just move and flow together.   My mom told me once that you can see love when it isn’t trying to be shown.  The gentle clasp of a hand on a waist or a soft touch of a finger on a neck.  The almost throw away moments because they are so small, so *almost* inconsequential that they look like they don’t matter, when in fact those moments are the foundation of love.

Here is my glimpse at the love between Ashley and Chris.

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