Sunsets in Bushwick

I love a good sunset when I am in the middle of nowhere but the cities can surprise you.  Brooklyn sunsets are glorious.  Whenever I would glance up and see this in the apartment building next door, I knew to grab my camera and run to the roof.

bksunset-3-CovingtonImagery-SM bksunset-1-CovingtonImagery-SM bksunset-4-CovingtonImagery-SM


Moon over Agoura


I love the hours between dusk and dawn.  Sunsets, Sunrises.  Those mysterious colors that happen before in the hour leading up to the explosions of colors.  And the dark.  The dark when the only light is from the moon or a sliver of the moon.  Stars.  The hours between dusk and dawn are some of my favorite for my personal photography.
The other night there was a half moon peeking through a cloudy dark night.

Groovinyasa at The Camel with Russell Lacy | Covington Events

After quite a raucous weekend introducing Von Shakes to Richmond, VA, I headed over to The Camel on a Sunday morning (in my jammies) to create images of Ali Bullano’s 2nd Groovinyasa class.  The class featured musical guest Russell Lacy and he brought a bluesy/funky twist to the practice.
Everyone just fit in the space – this class is an instant hit and she is going to need a larger space soon for all the awesome.  Ali lead everyone through the series of poses with her calm and steady presence, the best thing about her voice is you know she is just about to smile at you, there is that warmth, I think that is part of why she is such a trusted teacher. She makes me feel that even my uncoordinated self might be able to maintain a pose without falling down.  😛





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Groovinyasa – The Music of Yoga | Covington Events

Ali Bullano has developed a beautiful joining of music and vinyasa called Groovinyasa.  The first class was at Shockoe Slip Yoga, a cool studio.   DJ Williams of DJ Williams Projekt and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe sat in for the first class and let his funky fingers guide and join with the flow of movements, all beautifully lead by Ali.  She has a wonderful tone to her voice and I found myself feeling both energized and chilled at the end of the hour.  She brings a great energy to the practice and I can see why she has a regular following.

❤ what you do.

Pure Harmony Soaps | a Still Life Story

Pure Harmony Soaps
Seriously.  This Stuff RIGHT HERE is amazing.  I’m addicted and I keep turning people into addicts, Each kind that I try becomes my new favorite.

You should check it out.  Go here and ‘Like’ the Facebook page.  They are still working on having an online order form but as it is right now you just message them and place your order that way.   This soap will take you to your bath happy place.


❤ what you do.

a Brooklyn Sunset

I love my Brooklyn home.  I love the weather that surrounds my LA home and the crickets and frog outside my VA home but wow, how I love the sunsets outside of my Brooklyn home.  They just blow me away.  This sunset happened upon me suddenly.  I was inside working and all of a sudden the whole room was flooded with this gorgeous orange light.  I shot the below image through the window looking out.  Grateful for this view.



Bushwick Living | Life | Covington Portraits

I love the home and family that I have found in Brooklyn, NY. I am very lucky to have come across such an incredible space and place to dwell in while working in this city and it has the bonus of the most awesome neighbors. Seriously, I won the lottery on this one.
I love where I live because you never know when a random night on the roof could evolve.


I love the cooking abilities of my neighbors. Dang, there are some good cooks in this building. Sauman & Gordon throw the best foodie parties.  & Jeff’s sardines.  nom nom.


This girl. Anne. She rocks.


and the doglets and their human care givers. We all have our roles to play in the happiness of the buildings many dogs.


Patrick Trovato |Food | Covington Portraits

MMMM, When Patrick Trovato asks me to come over with a camera, I know that I am in for a treat.  He is one of the best cooks that I know (in company with Samson Trinh, Jeremy Simmons, John Conley & my mom’s friend Sandy Wahl).  This was a special night as he had just finished making a batch of his granola.  Best granola that I’ve ever had.  I want him to package it under the name G-Crack, cuz you can’t stop.  He gave me a huge bag of it and I don’t think it lasted more than an hour.

Dinner was pasta with broccoli

I love backyards in Brooklyn.

Photo © Ashly Covington, Photo © Ashly Covington,

VA Living | a Home Story | Covington Portraits

My mom makes the best pancakes in the world.  She makes them from scratch and one time tried to fool me once, because she was out of milk or eggs, so she made them with some mix from a box.  She put a layer of flour all over the counter and made the kitchen look like she had been hard at work creating my favorite breakfast….  I took one bite and pushed the plate away.  My palate for pancakes does not allow for subpar.  She hadn’t thought I would know the difference.  She doesn’t realize she makes the best pancakes in the world and that the taste is more than just noticeable.  Non mom pancakes are almost offensive.  🙂  These are my moms pancakes.  These are the real deal.

My mom’s BLT’s are also well above average on the tasty scale.  She does the right and with Hanover Tomatoes, the best in the country, picked from our neighbors garden.  Delicious.  Nothing beats this sandwich in the summer time.  YUM.

home-va-02-20130716 home-va-09-20130716
































I  love the time I get to spend in VA.  I spent my whole life coming home to this house.  My dad built most of it and most of the things on the property and this place will always be home.  I don’t even mind the lack of technology here.  No cell phone, no internet, no cable.  It is quiet at night, that is for sure!

home-va-50-20130717 home-va-20-20130717


In addition to her mad pancake making skills, my mom also has an incredible green thumb and repurposing mind.  She loves to find things and incorporate them into her “wild garden.”  She added some sort of wire and stone piece that she found with moss into this dead log to create a border for part of the wooded garden.




This is the tree that my daddy planted for me when I was born.  It is a Magnolia and I love it.



home-va-45-20130717Mom’s mad flower arranging skills.  Also a bit of my dad’s woodworking skills.  He made anything in the photograph that is wood.   

home-va-52-20130717 home-va-54-20130717 home-va-55-20130717 home-va-57-20130717 home-va-58-20130717

My dad’s work shop has remained much the same since he passed away 8 years ago.  Projects still waiting and tools all nicely organized.  Sometimes there are places that need to stay the same for awhile.  


❤ what you do.

Bushwick Street Jam | 6/9/13 | CovingtonRock

As I was walking back to my home base in Brooklyn after a badass afternoon spent with Karina Rykman and Nels Cline.  The musical vibes of the day continued as I walked past a fellow sitting on the side of the street with a sign calling inviting passerby’s to jam.   I paused and he grinned and asked if I would care to join.  If only!  My jam has always been through the camera much as I wished to be a bad ass guitar player, I simply do not have that skill.  Luckily another fellow happened by and eagerly took up the offer.   Lovely Bushwick Afternoon.

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