Scott Land The Puppet Man in LA


Team America wins on many levels, and the sex scene is one of the best in any movie!

Lots of things happen with ‘movie magic,’ they can pretty much do anything in post nowadays, but that movie magic happened because of sheer awesome talent. See, those are marionettes worked by the fabulous Scott Land. He manipulated every nuance of that loving and I was in awe of him before I had the pleasure of knowing him.

Fast forward a lot of years and I was introduced to him through a mutual friend and then I found myself crouching in the wings of a theater making images of him working his magic on Michael Jackson, Obama and (my favorite) a chicken.  Yes, a chicken, a regular grocery store chicken!!! Scott said the chickens always move better on the 3rd day but that they get pretty stinky by the fourth. Scott and his wife, Lisa, are one heck of a talented team (and awesome people) – they make and paint the puppets that are used for his shows and by lots of other puppeteers around the world. Their work is incredible – Scott Land Marionettes!!

The show was mindblowing.  Seriously, how does he do all that. Not only do the puppets move with intention and grace, they have the right expression for each of the moves. Michael Jackson feels it when he goes down on one knee and Obama gives a knowing glance at the audience and you don’t feel like you are looking at puppets anymore. Magic.

If you ever get the opportunity to experience Scott Land’s show, I highly recommend you take it. You will be blown away!!!


Brain Wash Me Video Shoot | PlayLA | Unit Stills


Director, Brandon Nicholas turned Play LA into a visual playground of awesome to create a video for The Conduit’s new song “Brain Wash Me.”  The day was an adventure in reflective insulation blankets, body paint and awesome.  After hearing “Brain Wash Me” over and over and over, I was still into hearing it another time!  The song is catchy and cool.  I cannot wait to see the video once it is finished.  It was a joy to be the still photographer for this talented team.

Anna Copa Cabanna Video Shoot | Big Sky Works, NYC | Unit Stills


Unexpected awesome in NYC helping BA Miale and Anna Copa Cabanna make video magic for Turn to Crime’s video for “Light.”  Anything BA does has magic to it, her projections and creations are beautiful, cool and mesmerizing and this night I found out the same applies to Anna Copa Cabanna.  She is beautiful, cool and mesmerizing and watching her dance in front of BA’s beautiful, cool and mesmerizing projects was almost too much awesome to handle.  BA makes badass music videos and I was tickled pink that she asked me to come lend her a hand at the shoot at Big Sky Works (one of my fave Brooklyn venues.)


Had a blast making some stills and shooting some video for BA. She makes everything look so cool.

Behind the Scenes on a shoot with Lara Jade | Covington Portraits

As the air turns chilly, I have fond memories of this lovely warm summer day when Lara Jade and her incredible team came over for a fantastic NYC roof day.  It was a treat to watch her work and meet her team while creating images of them doing what they do best!  She surrounds herself with fantastic people and they get an incredible job done while having a great time.

Lara Jade for Bryan Bantry Agency.   LINK TO THE EDITORIAL

Assistant – Natalie Walsh
Hair Stylist – Stefano Greco
Makeup – Misuzu Miyake
Stylist – Anna Katsanis
Model – Veronica Zoppolo 

Jennifer Lilya | a Fashion Illustrator Portrait Story| Covington Portraits

I know that I say this all the time, but these things are good for repeating.  I am so grateful for what I get to do.  I get behind the curtain access to the most incredible people.  Most recently, I was invited into the home of Jennifer Lilya, a star fashion illustrator.   She needed some portraits and after discussing how she worked, we decided that the best way to create images would be for me to just go to her studio while she was working.   She wanted  images that captured who she was and how she was while doing it and these types of environmental portraits are some of my favorites.   Being a girl who could never draw with pen or marker (the camera has always been my only artistic outlet) I am fascinated by people who can turn a blank piece of paper into something, especially something beautiful.  If left to my own devices, I’d end up with a blob of color.  Jennifer made it look easy.  She works in stages on a series of images.  First she does a light outline of the basic shape in a light flesh colored tone, that sheet is set aside and she draws the next light figure and so on.  Once the first one is dry, she adds a bit more color on another layer.  The round robin drawing continues until she completes the figure costumed in an amazing creation.

To say I was blown away watching this happen would be an understatement. Thank you Jenn for having me into your home and sharing your art.

The Bouncing Souls + Matt Pinfield | Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park NJ | CovingtonRock

This past monday night to the wee hours of Tuesday morning were epic.  I had the honor of being part of an incredible team of people who were all committed to making awesome happen.   And it was fucking awesome.   I was asked to be the behind the scenes still photographer for a TV pilot directed by Jason DeSimone and hosted by Matt Pinfield and featuring the NJ Punk-Rock band, The Bouncing Souls.   This was like the culmination of everything I love about life.

Music.  Photography.  Old Theatres.  Cool People.  Sets.  Details.  Love it.  LOVE IT!

I love all the details that go into making something happen.  Especially on TV or movie sets.  I remember being on sets as a kid and being fascinated by what everyone did.  So many people with very specific, detail oriented jobs that each have to happen in order for the whole production to happen.  It is captivating to me, always has been.

Since the series is musically based the production team wanted a photographer that could slide between performance shots, portrait work, and detail shots to save the story of the whole experience with images.   I was tickled pink that they considered me and absolutely rosy that they asked me to join their team.  It was awesome.  One of the best times I’ve had behind a camera and it doesn’t hurt that I’m a long time souls fan and that the souls were totally cool and into climbing around the theatres grid and braving burnt out bathrooms for some epic shots.  HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JASON DERMER for making that a truly back/over/under stage tour.
Matt Pinfield also told me that I’m cool.  Then he saw my business card and said “Holy Shit.  You are even cooler than I thought.”  To this 90’s MTV kid that is like one of the highest compliments that I never thought I would get in life.  Best. Night. Ever.

Here is a statement released by the production crew about the project:

“The Venue was the iconic Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, NJ. Once serving as home for East Coast premieres of studio films in the 30’s, the theater is now used mostly for concerts and stage performances.  The show travels to different American cities and tells their story through their local music scene. Matt speaks to those involved and gets the real story, from music historian to venue owners.  The episode closes out with an interview and song performance by a band with a “local connection.”

The set created on stage was designed by Alison Hepler and adorned with antiques from the private collection of Ken Jakupko,  of Ken’s Antiques in Asbury Park.  The set was inspired by the Souls connection to the city of Asbury Park and it’s famed boardwalk.  Before playing, the band sat down with Matt to discuss the decision to move their label to Asbury Park, the annual “Home for the Holidays” concert series at the Stone Pony, and their experience being a truly independent rock band. The acoustic set was filled with songs from across the bands 20+ year career including, Ghost’s on the Boardwalk, Quick Check Girl, and of course, Moon Over Asbury.  It’s safe to say the crew’s many die hard Soul’s fans got a treat that night.

Big thanks to the city of Asbury Park, Tom Gilmore, Madison Marquette, Bridgit Media, Red Wheelbarrow Productions and The Bouncing Souls for an unforgettable evening”

BouncingSouls-01-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-02-ashlycovington Photo © Ashly Covington, BouncingSouls-04-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-05-ashlycovington
I love flare so much.
BouncingSouls-06-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-07-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-08-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-09-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-10-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-11-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-13-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-14-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-15-ashlycovington BouncingSouls-16-ashlycovington